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This page of the Nsane Hooters website will probably be a crowd favorite, it is dedicated to the Hooters Bikini Contests and Hooters Bikini Car Washes. Now I know there are other bikini pics in other galleries but I was getting so many especially after the 2012 Green Bikini Contest from the Newport Hooters I decided to have a page with nothing but bikini shots so that means it will only include Hooters Bikini Contests and Hooters Car Wash pictures, sort of a One Stop Shopping for Sexy Hooter Girls pictures. The shots you see on this cover page are from the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Newport Bikini contests I mentioned above which took place at the Hooters of Newport KY. I was using my Quantum flash system for the first time at a bikini contest which never overheats so I was able to shoot like a Military Machine Gunner! Getting pictures at these contests aren't the easiest thing to do since they have the VIP area packed like a "Car Carrier Truck" and some of the girls are so nervous they run around that stage like someone with a hockey mask on is chasing them, but I managed to get a few nice shots. Click on the Hooters Bikini Shots Gallery entrance link below to check out the sexy pics and videos and don't forget to check back for updates.

Bikini Pics Gallery One

Bikini Pics Gallery Two

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