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This gallery features pictures from Hooters locations in Las Cruces New Mexico, Atlanta Georgia, Florence and Newport Kentucky and Las Vegas Nevada.  I stopped in the Las Cruces Hooters while I was out in New Mexico shooting in the White Sands Desert, it was the slow part of the afternoon so there weren't too many Hooter Girls in there but there were a few cuties working. Whenever I fly out of Atlanta to go international I make sure to venture downtown to check out the excellent downtown ATL Hooters. The trips to the Hilliard, Florence, Newport Hooters were regular lunch of dinner trips since they are local to me. Be sure to click on the gallery itself to enlarge it and you can also control the rate of the slide show. To access the other galleries click on the link bar at the top of the page.
This gallery has pictures from one of my favorite Hooters restaurants, the Panama City, Panama Hooters. I visited this location for the first time after making a trip to Ecuador with a friend and we stopped in Panama on the way home.  It was also the place we watched the Giants win the Superbowl, and to our surprise there were a lot of NFL fans in Panama. Since then I've been to this Hooters three more times and made sure to shoot plenty of pics. Be sure to check out the videos on the video page. In addition to the Panama Hooters there are a few shots from some Ohio locations, Dayton, Springdale, and Columbus.
The gallery below has pictures from two of the Kentucky Hooters I frequent the most, the Florence and Newport locations. The Newport location is one of my favorites because it is unique since it actually floats on a barge that is anchored on the Ohio River.  It also has a very spacious layout and hosts the annual Green Bikini Contest every year on St. Patrick's Day. You can check out pictures from The Hooters Car show 2010 and 2011, a Bikini Car Wash, Hooters Dress Up Day, and shots taken inside and out of both locations. Remember to click on the gallery to enlarge it and you can also control the slideshow rate of speed.
Below are pictures from the 2012 Hooters Green Bikini Contest, Uniform competition. Go to the Bikini Pics page to see the pictures and video from that show that took place at the Hooters of Newport KY. I also included pics from the 2014 Contest Meet & Greet which is when the Hooter Girls came out in uniforms and were selling raffle tickets, and also some promo shots of my friend Megan who won this contest in 2014. See pics from that contest in the Bikini Pics gallery section.
Below are shots from eight different Hooters I visited in Asia, they are The Hooters of Tokyo, stopped there to watch the Cowboys lose their last regular season game of 2012, it was New Years Eve in Japan already. The  Hooters of Ginza, just a few subway stops down the road, both of these were great locations and the Hooter Girls were really friendly. The Hooters of Seoul South Korea, took me forever and a day to find this location, check out the video I made of this quest on the Video page, friendly girls and staff there also but the place was as cool as a meat locker and their souvenir selection was lacking to say the least, didn't even have a shot glass for sale! The next is The Hooters of Singapore, the first Hooters in Asia and definitely one of the best, check out the three videos I made while stopping at this location. Made a few return trips to Japan in July of 2014 and 2015 so I made sure to hit the usual spots plus the newest Hooters, Hooters of Shibuya and The Hooters of Bangkok Thailand, which is also a really cool location, big thanks to Nick the Manager of the Bangkok location for accommodating the Nsane Camera crew while we were there. The latest shots are from the Hooters of Pattaya City Thailand and the 2nd Hooters location in Bangkok, Hooters on Na Na Street, and also a return trip to the original Bangkok location. Jan 2017 made a visit to the Hooters of Taipei Taiwan for the first time so check out two pics from there and also a video at the bottom of the Video 1 page. In April 2017 I had the pleasure of visiting Hooters of Phuket for the first time so pics from that visit are here below with others from International locations.
Below are some shots I took at the 2018 Hooters of Asia Bikini Contest that took place in Pattaya City Thailand April 22 2018. The Manager of the place, Mr. Matthew sent me some email letting me know the details so after stops in Japan and The Philippines I made my way to Thailand for this glorious event. These are the preliminary shots before the contest where the girls model their uniforms and their evening attire. Check out the Bikini Page gallery two to see the actual swimwear shots. 
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