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Hooters Gallery 2

The following gallery starts off with pictures from my favorite Hooters in South America, the Lima Peru Hooters! I ended up in Lima when the flight I wanted to take to Brazil was full so my friend and I went to Lima with no advance plans whatsoever and ended up having a nice time down there for almost a week. While there we were over to the Miraflores area to check out the Hooters and liked it so much we ate there at least once a day the entire time we were down there. Also in this gallery are shots from two Florida locations, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, a couple from West Covina California, and a shoot from the orginal Hooters location in Clearwater Florida.
Was getting so many pics from the Vegas Hooters I had to start a new gallery with the most recent, this gallery starts off with shots I took out there when I attended the 2012 SEMA Car Show. Made sure I hit the Spring Valley location since I had never been there before.
These shots below were the preshow for the 2016 Bikini Contest held at the Newport Hooters in May 2016 where each contestant wore a sports related outfit that she put together herself. Also a few shots from around the crowd, see the actual bikini pictures in the Bikini Pics section of the site...
If you are a fan of Hooter Girls then you will love these next two galleries, they are dedicated exclusively to Hooters Bikini Contests! Once a year the Newport KY. location hosts a huge bikini contest with a St. Patrick's Day theme to it so I make sure I am sitting in the VIP section to get some nice shots. Unfortunately this year (2011) due to the flood stage levels of the Ohio River the Newport Hooters which floats on a barge in the Ohio River, was closed during that time so there will be no 2011 gallery, but we look forward to next years contest.
The gallery below has shots from the 2010 Hooters Green Bikini Contest that took place at the Newport KY Hooters and below that is a video from the 2011 Hooters International Bikini Contest that was held in Miami. I've yet to make it to one of these but you can bet your bottom dollar when I do I will be up front with my camera working overtime. Be sure to click on the gallery itself to enlarge it and then you can also control the speed of the slideshow with the controls that appear at the bottom. To access the other galleries click on the link bar at the top of the page.
Below are some shots I took at the Hooters of Pattaya in April 2018 in the days following their bikini contest. Started a new gallery since the others were getting a little congested. Always a good time at that location, food is great and the Hooter Girls are smoking hot, if ever in Thailand you forgot about the temples, hit the Hooters of Pattaya.
The shots below are from a couple new Hooters locations I went to on the "5 for 55" Asian Tour where I visited five Asian countries for my 55th birthday. The first up are from the latest Hooters location in Tokyo, the Shinjuku Hooters. Had a great time there, some of the pics you see here in the gallery were taken by the Hooter Girls themselves. Next up was the Hooters Singapore which I had been to a few years earlier. They had opened two more in Singapore but both locations (Marina Bay and Fusionapolis) closed down within a year of opening. After that was the Hooters of Jakarta Indonesia. My first time at that location and definitely not my last. ( Also have shots in here from a return trip to the Jakarta location in July 2019) Last but not least I threw in some shots from the Pattaya location which I have been to many times but since I that is home away from home I continually get more shots from there.
Below are shots I took at the Pattaya City Thailand Hooters during their 3rd Anniversary Celebration and also a few days later when the girls were at the beach shooting Social Media pics and videos. If you want to enlarge the pics be sure to click on the gallery itself for a better viewing pleasure. Below that are shots from one of their Wednesday Night Bikini Contests and a few I took while there that week (July 2019)
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