Nsane Hooters
Hot Wings and Hot Girls

Hooters Gallery 3

The three galleries below are what I am calling my Vintage Hooters Galleries. They are pics that were taken several years ago, some as far back as the mid 90's. The quality isn't as good since they were shot on film and I had to scan the images into my computer so I apologize for the graininess of the shots. The first gallery is four different bikini contests from the original two Hooters locations in Columbus.
The Gallery below contains pictures from Hooters all over this country and also shots from the Hooters I visited in Buenos Aires Argentina. As mentioned above these were shot on film so they may look a little grainy. Be sure to click on each gallery to enlarge it and also control the slide show speed.
The following gallery features pictures of what used to be my favorite Hooters location, the Columbus Hooters II. This was the location the fellas and I used to watch Monday Night Football at and also just drop by and hang out since we knew everyone who worked there. It was also the location where I first scouted Models for my very first Nsane project, a calendar I was going to make for a friend's safety products company. This location has since closed but as you can see by the pics in this gallery we had some good times here. The Hooter Girl you see below was one of our favorites, Ms. Tennille, a real beauty who not only looked good in her uniform but check her out in some of the bikini contest pics in the galleries above. The pictures in this gallery were scanned in like the other vintage shots so please excuse the non digital quality, when I took most of these shots the digital camera hadn't been invented yet.
The Hooter Girl Gallery below will feature various Hooter Girl pics from various Hooters all over that I visit in no particular order, starting off with shots from Dayton Ohio, Louisville KY. and Newport KY.
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